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How to post an image Empty How to post an image

Post  Lisette on Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:13 am

1. Register to the forum
2. Confirm your e-mail
3. Login to the forum

Now you ready to post Smile , and you want to post one or more image(s), here's how to do it :
1. On the posting page, locate this icon, named "Host an image". Click it
How to post an image Imghos14

2. A panel will shown up, and you'll automatically registered with servimg
How to post an image Imghos15
Click on "Browse" button, and locate your file. (indicated by 1)
Click on small triangle indicated by 2, if you want to resize your image other than 800px
Click "Host it" button. (indicated by 3)

3. Next panel will shown up
How to post an image Imghos13
Click on first "Copy" button if you want to post the thumbnail of your image. (indicated by 1)
Click on second "Copy" button if you want to post the image itself. (indicated by 2)
Then click on "Upload" to finish the pcoccess.

Your image URL is now stored on your clipboard Smile.

4. After it finishes uploading the image, you'll be brought back to first panel. Click on "Host an image" button to hide the panel.

5. Now press ctrl+v to paste the URL to your posting box.

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