How to use "Gallery"

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How to use "Gallery" Empty How to use "Gallery"

Post  Lisette on Thu Apr 10, 2008 6:56 am

You can use the forum's gallery to browse other's picture or upload yours. Here's how to do it :
1. Locate this icon, named "Gallery" on the top menus
How to use "Gallery" Galler10

2. Click it, and you'll be brought to the Gallery Smile
How to use "Gallery" Galler11
You're now at "Public Galleries", that is the place where everyone shares their picture.
Choose the gallery you want to view. (indicated by A)
If you want to see other's personal album, choose button 1
If you want to create yourself a personal album, choose button 2

3. After entering the gallery, you can upload a picture by clicking "Upload" button
How to use "Gallery" Galler12

4. Now you're ready to upload Smile
How to use "Gallery" Galler13
Put your image's title at box 1
Put your image's description at box 2
Browse your picture by clicking button 3
When you finished, click "Save" (indicated by 4)

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