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Post  Lisette on Thu Apr 10, 2008 8:34 am

Post a reply to this topic if you want to enter this contest. Post one reply for each screen shot !
Refer to this guide if you don't know how to add a picture to your post.

What you need to post :
1. Your screen shot together with one or more of Holic Farm's staff(s).
2. Your in game name
3. Your job & level when you take the screen shot
4. Your referee's in game name, if applicable

Rules :
1. TALK to us before taking a picture. Picture taken from far away or when we goes AFK/vend are not counted.
2. You MAY ask us to use special emoticon
3. You MAY NOT whispering us ! Annoying users will automatically disqualified.

Holic Farm's Staffs are :
1. IGN : Cruithne (usually Mage/Monk)
2. IGN : Elerosse (usually Priest/Hunter)
3. IGN : Felice (usually Warrior/Monk)

To view our statuses (online/offline), job, level, and channel, you can click here. This page's info may not 100% correct, i.e. if we leveled up, we may not immediately update the info. Use it only for approximation =).

Winner : 5 random persons.
Prize : 1 guild wing + 2 fashion items

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